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Blogathon 2003

Ok, it is done. Funda has signed up for The 2003 Blogathon, where we blog (or upload entries) for charity and hopefully you will sponsor funda (and be here to see what happens).

Funda chose Modest Needs for a number of reasons, but reason #1 is their open-books policy. Every penny is accounted for and come August they will be the first charity ever to have real-time updates of their financial records out on the public web. Honesty and accountability.

They also have a laptop contest that I do not expect to win, but since it took my more than a half hour to type this funda-note, I better figure out something before Saturday.

And who knows what this will mean for this diary. It is not actually a blog in the traditional sense, after all. Can 48 funda mental entries be found in 24 hours? Will less funda-type stuff be forced out to meet the deadline? Will funda fall any farther out of character than this entry already is?

Your call. Be there Saturday to judge for youself.

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